Pieces on the Beach is located at 2505 Thomas Drive in PCB across from Publix.   We are a locally owned business and operated by Nichole Hulgan and Tonya Stokes.  We currently have 22 vendors. The store is 5500 square feet of everything you can imagine and then some. There is also a paint studio on site, where the owners love to go and get creative with their new line of paint, Maison Blanche Paint!


Remember….Keep Calm and Paint On!

Nichole Godwin Hulgan

Nichole started out as a paramedic, but when a hip injury sidelined her, she had time on her hands so she decided to get a space at Pieces as a vendor.  She painted furniture and shopped for trinkets to fill her booth.  When the opportunity presented itself to be part owner she took a leap of faith, and well, the rest is history.


Tonya Roberts Stokes

Tonya Stokes comes by way of Forsyth Georgia, in which her mom has an antique store and had vendor space in there.  She has always had the passion to collect, buy and sell, so when she moved to PCB, she had to find something to fill her time, so she found Pieces and rented a space.  That lasted about a year until one of the owners decided to sell their part and that’s when she became one of the owners.